Hi I'm Helen Sullivan.  I have been offering massage services since 2008 originally on a mobile basis, working around my young family. 

My first career was in Insurance and this was where I became aware of the importance of good mental health and maintaining healthy stress levels.  

Stress is a natural response but as we all know too much of anything is not good for you.  I was introduced to massage and reflexology in the workplace in 1999 following a company merger and in anticipation of Y2K.  The therapy room was the ideal place to switch off and then I'd be able to return to work following a mental reset, energized and able to tackle the world (or my desk at least). Hence the provision of workplace massage.

I took a career break following redundancy and re-trained in Holistic Therapies prior to setting up my mobile business in 2008. As my business has developed my focus has changed to workplace massage & reflexology and event massage & pampering.  

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